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Custom Designed Scale Inhibitors

TPC Technology has developed an extensive line of scale inhibitor technology to successfully control scaling in production wells, control valves, flash vessels, and injection lines and wells.  An effectively designed scale inhibitor treatment program for all plant systems is essential to ensure optimal production and power generation.

TPC’s custom-designed scale inhibitors, combined with our on-site engineering expertise and Chemical Engineering Design experience, will result in successful scale control and optimal power generation.  We will custom design a unique and cost-effective treatment program for your power plant.  When working with TPC Technology, you can consider us to be a critical part of your team.

Worldwide Experience

Through our experiences around the world, we have been able to document geothermal fluids’ behavior and characteristics.  Often described as the Periodic Table of Elements in a pipe, geothermal fluids contain highly saturated minerals and gases.  The fluid becomes very unstable when produced from geothermal wells.  Massive scaling conditions can occur in the well bore, in the surface equipment, and the injection lines and wells.  Uncontrolled scaling quickly results in equipment failure and loss of power generation unless the fluids are properly treated.  Uncontrolled scaling problem can promptly result in severe operating problems:

Scaling Problems

  • Production and Injection Well Plugging
  • Reduced Brine and Steam Flow
  • Severe Equipment Damage and Failure
  • Complete or Partial Plant Shutdown
  • Power Generation Loss

 Chemical Engineering Design

Because we understand the dynamic scaling conditions in power plant operation, TPC has developed a 4-step systematic approach to identifying and designing cost-effective scale control systems in the geothermal process.

 Step 1 – Modeling Brine Fluid

  • Reservoir Chemistry
  • Plant Operating Parameters (Heat & Mass Balance)
  • Scaling Characteristics (Saturation Levels)

Step 2 – Design

  • Custom Designed Scale Inhibitors
  • Tailor-Made Dosage Systems

Step 3 – Performance Monitoring

  • Brine Analysis
  • Coupon Analysis

Step 4 – Optimization

  • Dosage Rates for Optimal Control

Hydrogen Sulfide Emissions Control Utilizing GeoClean 100

 Control of hydrogen sulfide emissions has become a critical requirement for geothermal power plants.  GeoClean 100 is a new liquid oxidation process for the abatement of hydrogen sulfide emissions from geothermal power plants.  Cooling tower circulating water containing dissolved hydrogen sulfide can be continuously treated with the GeoClean 100 process by converting hydrogen sulfide into water-soluble sulfates.  The water-soluble sulfates are then easily removed during cooling tower blowdown.

Please contact us for further information on how our team of expert chemical and field engineers can assist with realizing your goals for efficient power plant operation.

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